Seeing Things In A New Light: Stories Of Discovery & Epiphany

2nd Story, December 2016

“Life throws you a curveball, and your world becomes unmoored. Sometimes, that change comes with the end of a relationship or a radical career shift. But no matter what, these discoveries and epiphanies have the power to transform our worlds, or at least our perceptions. From a young woman who must endure one of her biggest fears to reach her saving grace to a little girl on a quest with her mother for a new set of dishes, join us for an evening of stories that are sure to help you see things in a new light.”

Friday, December 9 through Sunday, December 11
1406 W. Morse Ave., 7pm

Stories by Andrew Reilly, Siobhan Thompson, Kim Hunt, and Scott Woldman
Directed by Julian Stroop
Sound Design by Jeffery Levin
Curated by Aimy Tien & Vince Pagan