Christmas Eve Eve Eve [Chicago, 12/22]

A friend of mine discussing the mystery of Christmas shopping:

“This whole thing makes no sense. Jesus was born, now go buy stuff for people you see once a year. I don’t get it.”

Couldn’t put it better myself, but to honor J.C.’s birthday, turn to page 52 of this week’s Chicago edition of The Onion or keep reading to follow all kinds of other important business like…

…the best show on television. Ever.

…how a journeyman middle reliever and the supervillain of Shankfest 2007 have managed to turn only-in-the-movies things like criminal drug possession and cheating at professional sports into irreparably boring concepts.

…the discussion no one’s having about the recently-departed Quiet Riot frontman

…the soul of lower Michigan

…and, a month later, Thanksgiving. The holiday is passed but the sticking points are, in all likelihood, eternal.

That’s that for now. Talk to you soon, and thank you as always for reading.

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