Yard Work

The lot at the corner of Montrose and Broadway, more commonly known as Wilson Yard, is slated to become the future home of a Target, a full retail complex, and a whole lot of condos. Ten years and $52 million dollars worth of specially-allocated property taxes later, ground was set to break this past Sunday.

Following suit in the spirit of municipal improvement, you’ve probably noticed a few aesthetic changes to the site. The tweaked layout should work better in Internet Explorer, the “popular” list on the right is more selectively updated, the front page fits on one screen, and if you look closely you’ll see the header and lower right-hand images change each time you visit or refresh. Pretty neat.

Speaking of pictures, I finally got around to putting some up online, which you can view in tiny form here and larger, more glorious form here. I’ll be adding more as time permits; there are some good ones just dying to get out there.

Walking back from the Red Line this evening, I went past Wilson Yard and wouldn’t you know they haven’t started anything. Nothing. The same busted parking lot surrounded by the same cheap fencing, although tagged with some new graffiti. Perhaps that’s what they mean by the changing face of Uptown.


. . . I recently became one of the two new mayors of Archer Avenue

. . . the Sox were never worse than they were one rainy night this past May

. . . Megan Gibson is awesome

. . . Dream Theater is also awesome

Finally, for those of you planning to be in or near the Belmont/Sheffield area Wednesday July 2nd, I’ll be helping the launch of issue #2 of Ghost Factory by hitting the stage as part of the mighty Reading Under the Influence series. RUI is hosted monthly by the good folks at Sheffields, 3258 N. Sheffield Avenue, and festivities kick off at 7pm. I look forward to seeing some of you there, and thank you as always for reading.


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