Heat Vision

A local writer I know asked me why I don’t change my approach to this site. When asked to explain, she said rather than bombard readers (that’s you!) with every mundane story my name is attached to, why not simply harvest the best works and include links in these update posts/emails and use the site for everything else?

I thought for a second and replied that I didn’t know if I was the best person to make that decision, nor do I have some scale of what’s the “best” of what I do these days. She responded that if I wasn’t willing to make editorial choices even among my own work, maybe I should just pack it in and call it a day.

L., these two are for you:.

. . . At least a few of you made it out to see me at this month’s Reading Under the Influence; those that didn’t missed me shouting about a Thanksgiving spent abroad. This is a true story. [“Turkey Kolkata,” from Ghost Factory issue #2]

. . . Donovan Hall publishes an excellent magazine called The Angler, for which he has decided to publish a story of mine about dogs and barfly romance. This is a not a true story. Yet. [“Where Water Flows,” from The Angler issue F]

And you, reader, may be asking yourself “Is that all?” I assure you it’s not, but we are all busy people and you know where to find the rest should you need it. I promise to keep filling the space as well and as often as I can. Thank you as always for reading.


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