A Funny Story

Today, allow me to offer some advice to any new, young or aspiring writers out there: do not assume everything is done, even when everything is done.

A local literary acquaintance was all set to put out the inaugural issue of his or her quarterly journal of fiction and literary non-fiction. “Serious people saying only mildly serious things,” was the way he or she pitched it to myself and just over a dozen other writers, poets and visual artists. I’ve known this person for some time and was honored to contribute, and a (rather lengthy) story I wrote was slated to appear in this issue.

Our Hearst-in-the-making called me today. Nearly in tears, they told the story of how, after sending the expertly-crafted proofs to the printer, they hadn’t heard back even though the issues should have come off the press last week. After much distress and convoluted legwork, this publisher found out the printer had folded without telling any of its clients or creditors. The proofs still exist in digital but the several thousand dollars paid upfront, unfortunately, do not. If anyone wants to commit an act of charity, I can put you in touch with the jilted editor; everyone else, the slightly-awaited 1509 West is on hold indefinitely.

In sunnier happenings,

. . . the Smoking Popes are still awesome

. . . as are the two albums by Jenny Scheinman, RTB2. Not so much the mostly depressing reasons Chicago became musically famous.

. . . baseball ended but not without some last gasps of loudmouthed air.

. . . oh, and I got a new camera.

As usual there is tons more over here, and you’ll notice some slight reshuffling of things. The contents may be of suspect quality, but the least I can do is put it in a pretty package.

I should have some more updates for you real soon. Until then, thank you as always for reading.
Chicago, IL / October 28, 2008

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