Harmony Korine

If you live in Chicago, as I suspect many of you do, you know the routine:

  1. Let it snow
  2. Dig out car
  3. Stand back as city does not plow your street
  4. Develop elaborate, unspoken system of laws and guidelines with neighbors around the etiquette of your shared snow-covered street
  5. Dig out car again
  6. NoticeĀ  city finally plows your street, creating huge snowbanks around the perimeter of your snow-free car
  7. Observe rain
  8. Laugh as rain freezes, creating walls of ice and trapping your vehicle and rendering the whole process obsolete

Not much a boy can do, really, except go to Baltimore, or maybe Nashville, although neither destination seems to be worth the effort if those pieces are any indication.

In other more significant news, I will be reading a new story entitled “Hey Eddie” Sunday, January 11 as part of the 2nd Story monthly series at Webster’s Wine Bar. More details on that as they become available.

Thank you as always for reading.
Chicago, IL / December 29, 2008

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