Pictures and Words and the 2009 2nd Story Festival


Thanks for asking. I mentioned it last time, but I’ll be reading at this year’s 2nd Story Festival. Specifically, I’ll be reading a new story, “Incapacitator,” an epic tale of desk jobs, pants, unpleasant co-workers, crawling through mud, drunken jerks, video games, high-velocity vegetable oil, denial, self-esteem, pizza, weekend warriors, a south suburban farm and a good-looking girl. Rated R for comedic violence and extreme, pervasive profanity.

WHEN: Thursday, May 7, 7pm
WHERE: Webster’s Wine Bar, 1480 W. Webster, Chicago
TICKETS: $16, on sale March 26 at This one will definitely sell out so take care of this in advance if you think you can make it.


Lots! The second issue of Normal Words launched last week, featuring the amazing photography of Erin Drewitz and an excellent essay by Lisa Gus. My long-promised last word on Led Zeppelin’s heavy metal credentials is online at MadeLoud, and baseball is just a few weeks away. I also contributed to RedEye‘s Five on Five column last week, and even after all that still managed to stop and take a picture.


We’ll talk about it when it happens. Until then, check out the Steven Wilson album. Like I said, it’s pretty good.

Thank you as always for reading,
Chicago, IL / March 23, 2009