Shop Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Print Notes

Prints are sourced from a variety of labs, some national and others extremely local. All products available here have been vetted and tested to ensure only the finest of color, composition, and paper combinations. Inventory is updated and rotated every so often; check back later if nothing catches your eye today.


Unless noted, all orders ship directly from downtown Chicago within five business days of purchase. Shipments are sent via USPS Priority Mail and shipping is free for all orders, no matter how large or small. Shipping is currently only available to the US, but we’re working on this.


PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted.

A Word On Usage

All items sold here are yours for personal display, i.e. non-commercial usage and settings. Want something to hang in your office lobby, bar, theater, store, or other reputable business? Let’s talk.

Contact Us

Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be directed to Thank you again for stopping by.

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