Andrew Reilly is a writer, photographer, sometime editor, occasional teacher, and small-time publisher. His work has appeared in The Chicago Reader, The Houston Chronicle, Crain’s Chicago Business, The A.V. Club, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, ALARM, and Ghost Factory, among others, and has graced the stages and microphones of some of the city’s finest literary spectacles.

He has worked at length with the renowned 2nd Story series, both as Director of Publishing and as co-editor of the highly-acclaimed anthology Briefly Knocked Unconscious By A Low-Flying Duck (2012, Elephant Rock Books). He also wrote and managed the highly-traveled and widely-referenced 35th Street Review, acted as nominal curator for Normal Words, an online literary project and artistic showcase, and served as the last-ever managing editor of the now-defunct Reservoir magazine. He has also worked professionally in assorted technical and creative capacities, and has been involved with a few award-winning teams and endeavors to boot. He lives in Chicago.

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