Norman Einstein’s NORMANTHOLOGY
Archer’s Lark, October 15, 2012

“From the roar of a football stadium to the rodeos of the American West, from a hard foul’s violent beauty to a penalty shootout’s ecstatic panic, from long-shot dreams in forgotten gyms to tragic blunders on the biggest stages, our very best stories go far and wide to prove that everything worthy in sports can be found at every level.”

Briefly Knocked Unconscious By A Low-Flying Duck: Stories From 2nd Story
Elephant Rock Books, November 12, 2012 [ERB] [Amazon] [B&N]
[co-editor, contributor]

“Since early man carved bison and spears on cave walls, humankind has been telling stories. Today, short personal essays are a mainstay on the airways, the web, and in theaters and bars across the country. This anthology brings the vibrant oral tradition to the page through the work of 2nd Story, a Chicago-based collective of story-makers and story-lovers working to build community through storytelling. We culled through ten years of archived performances to select the twenty-three essays presented in this collection.”

Assault Of The Earth: Metal Bands From Around The Globe
Alarm Press, 2013

“Moving from continent to continent, Assault of the Earth profiles 50 of the best and most unique practitioners of heavy metal. It’s an unprecedented look at a now-universal musical language, interviewing artists who have toured the world and sold hundreds of thousands of albums—but also surveying artists who toil through adversity to play what they love in remote parts of the globe.”

steven lebron volume 1
Alex Wong, March 25, 2014
[interview subject]

“A collection of sports writing from Alex Wong a.k.a. steven lebron along with original illustrations from a long list of talented artists including Mike McGrath, J.O. Applegate, Maddison Bond, Nathan McKee and more.”