The Lingerie Bowl Inexplicably Spawns An Entire Sport

[from The A.V. Club Chicago / September 4, 2009]

While other women’s sports teams around Chicago may strive to use competition and athleticism to advance their cause, a new entrant to the market takes a less refined approach. Billing itself “True Fantasy Football,” the clearly destined-for-greatness Lingerie Football League debuts tonight at 9 p.m. at the Sears Centre, with the Chicago Bliss hosting the Miami Caliente. Laughable team names aside (wait until hated rival Philadelphia Passion comes to town!), the Lingerie Bowl-derived league will showcase its athletes clad in boy shorts and sports bras on a 50-yard field. Not featured: field goals, punts, kickoffs, dignity, an alternative name for the Seattle Mist that doesn’t sound like an STD.