There are the places we find ourselves, and then there are the people with whom we share the journey: the husband aside the hospital bed; the mother in the war-torn city; the cousin just out of reach; the young man on trial for his life and the surprise-of-all-surprise guests for his day in court. This month, our tellers take a long look at just how they ended up here, what happens now—and who will still be around when it’s over.

October 12th and 13th
The Teal Room at Pub 626
Doors 7pm / Show 7:30pm

Stories by Stefano Esposito, Nestor Gomez, Kim Hunt, Lydia Slaby
Curated by Andrew Reilly
Directed by Max Spitz
Produced by Jorge Silva
Sound by Allison Heinz

A memory honored; a beauty both learned and discovered; a bloodline carried; a child alternately raised and revered. In this special Mother’s Day performance, our tellers reflect on the women who shaped them, the women they love, the women they are, and the women they knew they could be all along.

Stories by Adrienne Gunn, LaTanya Lane, Darren Meyers, & June Thiele
Curated by Andrew Reilly
Directed by Anna Gelman
Produced by Max Spitz
Sound by Billy Eline